Modern Tropic Rubber Watch Strap - Grey

£16 £19

A quality watch strap, made in Germany from silicone rubber.

A matte grey colour, in a vintage, tapered profile. The silicone rubber is soft, supple and has a small amount of welcomed flex and strength.  Soft, versatile and comfortable, the modern tropic design gives a timeless, classic look. We think this strap goes perfectly with any dive watch or any racing watch. Facing a scenario where moisture may be issue, the is the perfect strap.

Dimensions - length 120/70mm, thickness 4.0mm tapering to 2.5mm.

Buckles are available in polished stainless steel and polished gold tone. Width - 22mm strap = 20mm buckle, 20mm strap = 18mm buckle, 18mm strap = 16mm buckle.



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